Membership Information

The Helena Trap Club began in the 1920’s as a member and volunteer-operated shooting club then known as the Helena Gun Club.

Today, the Club is known as the Helena Trap Club and has nearly three hundred and ninety active members.

The 2020 annual general membership meeting will be held on January 18th at 10:00 am, with a potluck lunch afterward and open shooting (weather permitting).

Membership cost is $50.00 a year. This includes spouse and immediate family members under the age of 21. Shooting cards are available for $40.00 to members.

One round of shooting is 25 shells. A member will pay $4.00 a round and non-members will pay $5.00 a round.

League Information

Note that membership in the club is required to shoot league events; memberships are $50.00

The Helena Trap club offers leagues in the Spring and Fall, in addition to Womens’ and Five Stand leagues. Singles leagues at the Helena Trap Club run eight weeks. Doubles and Continental run for 4 weeks.

Individual shooters do not need to have a squad to sign up for leagues, we can add you to a squad during signup.

League singles shooters receive a handicap based on their scores for the first two weeks. League scores that aren’t handicapped are called “scratch” scores and are scored separately. Trophies are given for both handicapped and scratch scores. The highest score possible for 8 weeks of singles is 200 targets. The highest score possible for Doubles is 200 targets, and for Continental is 100 targets.

See the Calendar of Events for the full league schedule

Five Stand

In 2018 we began offering a new league, FIVE STAND. Five Stand is similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet. There are five stations, or stands and six to eighteen strategically placed traps (see pictures). Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of targets. Each station will have a menu card that lets the shooter know the sequence of targets he or she will be shooting at (i.e. which trap the target will come from). The shooter is presented with 5 targets at each station, first a single bird followed by two pairs. Pairs can be either “report pairs,” in which the second bird will be launched after the shooter fires at the first; or “true pairs” when both birds launch at the same time. After shooting at the 5 birds on the menu at that station, the shooter proceeds to the next stand, where they find a new menu of 5 targets. Typical five stand targets are a rabbit, chandelle, overhead, standard skeet high house and low house shots, teal (launched straight up into the air), trap (straight ahead from ground level), and an incoming bird. Five Stand is fun and challenging. Instruction is available, so don’t hesitate to come try this new addition to our leagues!