Club News

3/30/2022: Spring League sign up, Practice Shooting Mondays and Wednesdays, Trap Help

Spring League starts April 6!  Sign up early!  To avoid the crowd on the first night of league, come out to the club on Monday from 5:00 to 8:00 to get your membership, sign up for league, and do some practice shooting.  Get your whole team signed up!  Below are the important dates:

Spring League Starts – April 6
Singles – April  6 – May 25, 8 weeks
Continental – April 6 – April 27, 4 weeks
Continental make ups – Monday, April 25
Doubles – May 4 – May 25, 4 weeks
Singles and Doubles make ups – Monday, May 23
Fun night – June 1

Because of the ammo shortage, we only have enough shells for your league shooting, no shells will be sold for practice shooting.

Practice Shooting Mondays and Wednesdays – No practice on Sundays
Practice shooting night is switching to Mondays 5:00 – 8:00, so no practice on Sunday.  On Wednesdays trap P1 may be open if we have enough help, or you can jump in an open spot on a squad to shoot a practice round.

We’re still looking for trap help.  See Jim Holodnick (459-8137) Cory Olson (431-6598) for information and to sign up.

3/23/2022: Spring League starts April 6 - sign up early! Nimrod Vintage Gun Sporting Clays Event

Spring League starts April 6!  Sign up early!  To avoid the crowd that signs up on the first night, come out to the club on Sunday between noon and 3:00 to get your membership and sign up for league.  Get your whole team signed up!  Below are the important dates:

Spring League Starts – April 6
Singles – April  6 – May 25, 8 weeks
Continental – April 6 – April 27, 4 weeks
Continental make ups – Monday, April 25
Doubles – May 4 – May 25, 4 weeks
Singles and Doubles make ups – Monday, May 23
Fun night – June 1

Nimrod Vintage Gun Sporting Clays Event.  June 11-12, 2022. Gallatin Sporting Clays – Logan, Montana
Parker, Fox, L.C. Smith, 21, 12, 97, 31, Holland and Holland, Purdey and Westley Richards.  If these mean something to you, then you’re probably an aficionado of these great old vintage shotguns.  “Vintage” is any breech-loading side-by-side made before 1941, or pump or long-recoil semi-automatic whose model was first made before 1951. Come join us for a fun shoot full of camaraderie and vintage shotgun appreciation.

For more information contact John Vore ( or 406-471-0409) or click here for the Nimrod Entry Form and Information Brochure.

12/28/2021: Winter League Results & Annual Meeting

Winter League Results – Twenty-five hearty souls braved the weather and shot winter league this year. We had a great time shooting and sharing in warm camaraderie despite the low temperatures. On the last night there was a wonderful pot luck with lots of good eats. Thanks to everyone who shot and especially to the volunteers who helped make it happen by doing things like set things up, do the squadding, stand behind the desk, score, load traps, etc.

Congratulations to the top shooters:
Robert Durrant 185
John Vore 178
Jim Holodnick 177

Annual Meeting – The Annual meeting will be Saturday, January 29 at 10:00. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be election of Officers and Directors, other business, and a pot luck. C’mon out!

John Vore, Secretary

11/9/2021: Winter League's a'comin & Sunday Practices

Winter League – Put on you long johns, don a warm coat, put on your gloves, grab your shotgun and come on out to shoot Winter League with the other fun and hardy souls who will shoot in the cold and dark (under the lights)! If you haven’t shot under the lights before you should give it a try. It’s a different experience and a hoot! Here’s the details:

Winter League will run for 4 weeks on Wednesday nights, December 1 through December 22.
Shooting starts at 6:00 PM
Singles only, no doubles or Continental
50 targets per night at green targets under the lights for a total of 200 targets
Sign up – Sunday, November 28, Noon-3, and Wednesday, December 1 at 6 PM
League Begins – December 1
League Ends – December 22
Cost $50
If you were not a club member in 2021 but would like to shoot you can pay for your 2022 membership and be ready to go.

The club has a limited amount of ammo and will make it available for league shooting only. No shells available for practice shooting.

Sunday Practices – The club will be open for Sunday practice from Noon to 3PM starting November 28. Because of the ammo shortage no shells will be available at the club for practice shooting.

8/25/2021: Now Hiring & Practice Night Changes

Now Hiring — $10/hr regular & $12/hr registered shoots
Our club is looking to hire trap help. These are the folks who do the scoring, loading machines, picking up empty shells, and a few other miscellaneous jobs. You, too, can be part of this elite and fun team of great people. Pay is $10.00/hr for Wednesday league nights and $12.00/hr plus a lunch for registered shoots. If you’re interested, or know anyone who might be, contact our club President, Jim Holodnick, at 459-8137 for more information.

Trap practice night changes
There will be no trap practice on Mondays Sept. 6 and 13 because of the Zip Eaton registered shoot and the Automobile Association shoot. Trap practice during those weeks will be on Tuesdays Sept. 7 and 14. It will switch back to the regular Monday nights on Sept. 20. 5-stand practice at the far end of the field will not change and will be open on Mondays Sept. 6 and 13.

8/22/2021: Safety, SAFETY!!! and 5-Stand news

It has come to our attention that there are occasional lapses in our safety protocols. This is unacceptable to everyone and unnerving to those who see it.

Please be aware of the safety measures below and follow them religiously.

1) Guns are always unloaded except when on the firing line and ready to shoot.
2) Guns are always unloaded when walking between stations when on the firing line. That means no shells in the action of pumps or autos or shells in the chambers of break-open guns.
3) When carrying a gun anywhere the action of pumps or autos are always open or break-open over/unders, single shots or side by sides are always open.
4) The actions of pumps and autos are always open when in the rack.
5) Do not carry a break-open gun over your shoulder with the barrels pointing backward. It’s extremely unnerving for the person behind you to be looking at the muzzle of a shotgun! If you are going to carry it over your shoulder have the barrels forward and pointing down. When carrying any gun the barrels should be either pointed up or down at the ground.
6) When shooting singles, handicap or Continental only load one shell at a time. When shooting doubles only two shells.

Trapshooting is a wonderful and fun sport. Enjoy, and let’s be SAFE out there!!!

5-Stand results and open practice Monday nights.
The spring 5-Stand league had a total of 25 shooters. The High Over All was won by Tyler Duncan – congrats Duncan! The ladies were well represented by Holly Manning, Katy Wessel and Elly Schmeltzer. Thanks to Buck Maclaurin for running the show and thanks to all the shooters for a fun time. 5-Stand practice this fall is on Mondays starting at 5:00.

John Vore, Secretary

7/21/2021: Fall Leagues, Hot Shots Raffle Tickets, Open Practice moving to Mondays

Hurray, it’s time for Fall League! Fall league begins Wednesday Aug 4 and runs for 8 weeks to Sept 22. There will be 8 weeks of singles, 4 weeks of doubles and 4 weeks of Continental Due to the current ammo shortage we are running a little low on shells, and our orders for several pallets have been backordered and are nowhere in sight. Shells will be available for your league shooting on a first-come-first-served basis but not for practice rounds. It’s possible we may not have enough for everyone, so please help support the club by bringing your own shells. There are some starting to show up in area businesses now. See the important dates below.

Fall League Sign-ups – Monday Jul 26, Monday Aug 2 and Wednesday Aug 4
League begins – Wednesday Aug 4 for singles and doubles
Make-up for doubles – Monday Aug 23
Last night of doubles – Wednesday Aug 25
First night of Continental – Wednesday Sept 1
Make-up night for singles and Continental – Monday Sept 20
Last night of fall league shooting – Wednesday Sept 22
Fun night – Wednesday Sept 29

Monday night practice. Open practice will be on Monday nights starting Jul 26.

Hot Shots Raffle Tickets Available. Help support our Helena Hot Shots youth shooters by buying one or more raffle tickets. They’re only $20 each and prizes include a Browning X-Bolt .243, a Ruger 10/22 Special Edition .22LR, Browning Custom Butcher Kits, and $25 Gift Cards from Sportsman’s Warehouse. The drawing will be Monday, Sept 22, the last day of the Zip Eaton shoot. Tickets are available from John McDunn, who is usually out at the club, or contact him at: 410-0565 or

Help load the trap houses on Tuesday Jul 27. We will be loading the trap houses at 5:00 on Tuesday, Jul 27 and would enjoy your company and help. Come on out and help load some of those targets that you will no doubt be breaking (with a shotgun, that is, not by dropping them!)

7/16/2021: Women's and 5-Stand Leagues Make-up Nights & July 26 Practice

Women’s League make-up night will be Monday, July 26 instead of Wednesday the 28th to accommodate people who want to go to the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds concert that night.

The club will be open for practice shooting on Monday, July 26.

5-Stand league make-up night will be Tuesday, July 27th.

6/9/2021: Help load traps for Lightbody Shoot, Wednesday Practice

We will be loading the trap houses on Monday, June 14 at 5:00 PM for the upcoming Lightbody Memorial and Great Gun Giveaway Shoot that takes place on June 19-20.  Volunteer help is always appreciated.  Please think about coming out and enjoying some good company as well as stocking some of the birds you will no doubt break during the shoot.

Practice nights switch to Wednesdays starting this week, June 9.  Practice nights will no longer be on Mondays, but a practice trap will be open on Wednesday nights to coincide with the club being open for Women’s and 5-Stand leagues.

6/4/2021: Spring League Results, Lightbody Memorial and Great Gun Giveaway shoot

Spring League Results
We had a great Spring League with 272 singles shooters in 55 squads. Fifty-five shooters also shot Doubles, and 44 also shot Continental (aka wobble trap). After 8 weeks of shooting and a wonderful Fun Night the results are in! Thanks to everyone for coming out to shoot and congratulations to the teams and individual shooters.

High Scratch Team (raw scores, no handicap applied) – Squad 47 with 909 X 1,000
Scott Allen, Sam Allen, Charles Giere, Holly Manning, Matt Strozewski

Singles Team First Place – Squad 13 with 969 X 1,000
Bob Bauer, Randy Bebee, Eric Gould, Greg Nick, Greg Bahny

Singles Team Second Place – Squad 50 with 968 X 1,000
Cody Struck, Jenn Bergner, Mallory Jacobsen, Lindsey Darfler, Ciarra Iolo

Singles Team Third Place – Squad 69 with 967 X 1,000
Adam Weitz, John Rosling, Mike Sobrepena, Cary Bollinger, Majesta Bollinger

High Scratch Singles Men – John Vore 193 X 200
High Scratch Singles Women – Lori Duensing 182 X 200

Doubles Champion – John Vore 168 X 200 (tie shoot-off winner)
Doubles Second Place – Jim Holodnick 168 X 200
Doubles Third Place – Gary Feland, Jr. 164 X 200

Continental Champion – Jim Holodnick 94 X 100
Continental Second Place – Scott Allen 89 X 100
Continental Third Place – John Vore 88 X 100

Women’s league and 5-Stand league both begin on Wednesday, June 9 and run for 8 weeks to July 28. Due to the current ammo shortage shells will be available only for your league shooting but not for practice. The club does have some shells, but we are being a little stingy with them so we can hopefully have enough for a fall league. So, to help support the club please bring your own shells. Capital Sports currently has some shells available at $7.49 for Federal 1 1/8 oz. or $9.99 for Fiocchi 7/8 oz., limit 2 boxes. See the important dates below.

League begins and late sign-ups – Wednesday, June 9
League ends and Fun Night – Wednesday, July 28
Make-up nights for Women’s League– Wednesday July 21, Monday July 26 and Wednesday 28
Make-up night for 5-Stand – Monday, July 26

For questions about Women’s League call Deena Verworn at 461-4770
For questions about 5-Stand call Buck MacLaurin at 431-2395

Lightbody Memorial and Great Gun Giveaway shoot June 19-20, 2021. The 13th Annual Lightbody Memorial & Great Gun Giveaway Trap Shoot will be held here in Helena on June 19-20, 2021. This event also determines the Helena City Champion who will represent the Club at the State Shoot in Great Falls in July.

The special feature and attraction of this shoot is the giveaway of seven guns through random drawings from among the participants in each of the six shooting events plus a special drawing for one gun from amongst the new shooters participating.

As always, we can use volunteers to help with scoring, loading traps, etc. Please think about it and contact President Jim Holodnick at 459-8137 if interested, or come out to the club during the shoot.

John Vore, Secretary

5/18/2021: Women's & 5-Stand Leagues, 5-Stand cage help, Dogs

Calling all Annie Oakleys and 5-Standers – Here We Go!
Women’s league and 5-Stand league will both begin on Wednesday, June 9 and run for 8 weeks to July 28. Due to the current ammo shortage we are running a little low on shells. Shells will be available for your league shooting but not for practice rounds. So to help support the club please bring your own shells. There are no squads for 5-Stand, but Squadding Times sign-up like last year. See the important dates below:

Sign-ups – Monday and Wednesday nights starting Wednesday May 19th
League begins – Wednesday, June 9
League ends and Fun Night – Wednesday, July 28
Make-up nights for Women’s League– Wednesday July 21, Monday July 26 and Wednesday 28
Make-up night for 5-Stand – Monday, July 26

For questions about Women’s League call Deena Verworn at 471-4770
For questions about 5-Stand call Buck MacLaurin at 431-2395

Help building 5-Stand cages
Buck MacLaurin would like some help building new 5-Stand cages in the next few weeks. Call Buck at 431-2395 to arrange time and place.

Dogs, dogs, dogs.
Any dog brought to the trap club during any shooting times must be on a leash and remain behind the sidewalk that runs to the traps. We understand that some folks want to get their dog used to the sound of shooting, but please, for safety’s sake and the consideration of others, no dogs off leash or beyond the sidewalk!

4/13/2021: 5-Stand Practice starts April 19th

5-Stand Practice on Monday nights starting April 19!!  The 5-Stand field will be open for practice on Monday nights, the same night as trap practice, from 5:00 to about 7:30 PM.  Tickets can be bought at the clubhouse for $5.00 per round for members and $8.00 for non-members.  Remember to bring your own shells because no shells are available at the club for practice shooting.  Come on out and sharpen those harder-target skills!

As a little preview of coming attractions, both 5-Stand League and Women’s League will begin June 9 and run for 8 weeks to July 28.  I’ll send out more information as details are firmed up.

 John Vore, Secretary

3/30/2021: Spring league, Defibrillator training, Monday practice

Sign up early for Spring League!! Spring league starts Wednesday, April 7.  There will be an early sign up for spring league this Wednesday, March 31 starting at 5:00 at the club house and also after the General Meeting on Saturday, April 3. By signing up early your team can be out and shooting faster on the first night of league shooting.  Also, if you pay with a check when you sign up it will go faster for you because you won’t have to wait in line for the credit card machine to do its thing.  The club will be open for practice shooting on both dates.

Shells for league shooting – You can buy shells at the club for your league shooting, but only for your league shooting, during the nights you shoot your league scores.  Unfortunately, because of the current ammunition shortage we are not selling any shells for practice shooting.

Practice shooting on Monday nights – Regular weekly practice shooting will be on Monday nights starting at 5:00 PM beginning April 5.  No more practice shooting on Sundays.

Defibrillator training – There will be training on how to use our new AED defibrillator from 11:00 – 12:00 on April 3 before the general meeting.  The AED was donated to the club by the Cory Olson family in memory of his late father, Earl, who was an active club member for many years.

Trap Help – We’re still looking for some help with scoring for league shooting.  Anyone interested please contact Jim Holodnick or anyone else at the front desk.

– John Vore, Acting Secretary

3/12/2021: Early Spring 2021 News

ANNUAL MEETING – will be Saturday, April 3, Noon at the Clubhouse. Everyone is invited – members and non-members alike – anyone with an interest or who is curious about what trap shooting is all about.  Memberships and Spring League sign-ups will be available.  Only 2020 members are eligible to vote on issues or board nominees. Food, refreshments and camaraderie will all be available.

SPRING LEAGUE  Huzzah! We get to have a spring league again!  It will run April 7 to June 2.  Although masks will still be required indoors, recent changes in COVID requirements means we are able to allow larger gatherings, have the kitchen open, and provide beverages.  Ammunition will be available at the club for your league shooting at $7.00 per box, but because of the ammunition shortage shells are not available to anyone for practice rounds. League sign-ups are every remaining Sunday in March (14, 21 & 28), Wednesday, March 31, and Saturday, April 3 during the Annual Meeting.  Important dates are:

  • May 3 – Continental make-up
  • May 24 – Singles and doubles make-up
  • May 26 – League ends
  •  June 2 – Fun Night

Blow the dust out of your shotgun barrel, get your friends together, and come join us!

TRAP HELP  – We need to start hiring those typically young adults who score and load traps during league and registered shoots.  Pay is $8.65/hr on league nights and $11.00/hr for registered shoots.  Anyone interested can come to the club to sign up for trap help on March 14, 21, 28 or 31.  If under 18, to sign up he/she must be accompanied by an adult and have 2 forms of ID.

LOADING TARGETS We will be loading targets into houses P2 to Trap 8 on Sunday, March 28 at 10 AM.  If you can spare a little time please come help and then stay to shoot!

HELENA HOT SHOTSThis is a great program for young shooters 5th grade through college grads, and is looking to recruit new shooters. Sign up is April 1 at the Clubhouse and the first practice is April 6.  Contact John McDunn (406) 410-0565 for more information.

OPEN PRACTICE – The last Sunday open practice will be March 28 and move to Mondays starting April 5.

John Vore, Acting Secretary

12/09/2020: Open Practice Sunday

There will be open practice this Sunday, 12-13, from noon to around 3. Please remember that we are still practicing safe distancing and wearing a mask is required when inside the club house. Bring your cash, check or credit cards because we have plenty of 7 1/2 redroped shot available.

The date for the General Membership meeting has not been set, yet. Jim H. anticipates it will be during the early part of February. We will follow county health rules guidance in place at the time when the meeting occurs.

If you have a suggestion for how the club is run or would like to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, please reach out to Jim Holodnick and let him know. 459-8137

Please stay safe and stay well.

Your secretary, Connie Cole

11/24/2020: Winter League and Covid don't Mix

The latest response to Covid numbers spiralling out of control in Montana means that our plans for a Winter League no longer meet Governor Bullock’s restrictions. So, we have to cancel Winter League. But, never fear, our wonderfully generous President, Jim Holodnick is offering to provide Saturday practices after the first of the month – depending on weather. Please keep tuned to your emails and we’ll keep you posted.

Have a safe Thanksgiving.
Your Secretary, Connie Cole

11/11/2020: Current News from Your Trap Club

Winter League

There will be an open practice and sign up on Monday, November 30th. Startup (and sign in) and the first night of League will be Tuesday, December 1 and every Tuesday until December 22. We’ll shoot 50 per night for a total of 200 targets. Price will be $45.00 for the League. Please remember this is a volunteer-run League, so be prepared to help score on League nights. We have really enjoyed previous Winter League nights by contributing snacks and comradery. CDC guidelines will continue to be enforced.

Board of Directors needed

We will need some new Board members and Officers to replace some of our wonderful volunteers who are retiring from the Board. PLEASE, if you are interested or know of someone you think would be a good addition to our board, submit names to Jim Holodnick (459-8137). Our new Board will be looking for suggestions regarding how to build the club back after Covid to get our participation numbers back to our former glory days! We’d really appreciate some of our younger members contributing to how the club is run. Your opinions matter. Commitments to be on the Board include attending the monthly Board meetings and participating in Club activities.

General Meeting Coming Soon

Our annual General Meeting will be scheduled at our next Board of Directors meeting. Stay tuned to find out date and time. Your opinion counts, we hope to see you at the meeting.

Stay safe and stay well,
Your Secretary, Connie Cole

10/7/2020: Open Practice Dates in October

President Jim would like you to know that there will be open practice on October 7 at the usual time, but NO practice on October 8. The club will be closed in order to host a special event (HBIA). There will be open practice on October 14 and 15. October 15 may be the last day of open practice this fall.

Here are those dates again:
October 7, October 14, October 15 (may be the last of the season)

Thank you all for your participation and support of the club during this very challenging year.

President Jim would also like to invite any club member to the next Board of Directors meeting next Tuesday, October 13, at 5:30 PM during which there will be a financial report of the state shoot. As usual, the meeting will be held in the club house.

If you have noticed soil disturbance at the club, it’s because we are mining lead. This is a usual activity for us after hosting the State Shoot. The contractor is mining some of the traps that haven’t been “harvested” for quite a while, so we’re recovering some very good volumes.

We hope you are all staying safe and staying well.

Best wishes,

8/24/2020: Open Practice and Five Stand League

Open Practice Night Correction and Five Stand League Results:
Open Practice – Open practice is tonight (8/24/20), not next Monday. So come tonight if you want to shoot this week. Of course, we’d love to see you at the State Shoot, too.

Five Stand League – Tremendous thanks to Buck MacLaurin and Pete Sesselman for running this summer’s Five Stand League. Here are the results:
Twenty-five shooters competed in the summer Five Stand League. NSCA division: High Over All and first place NSCA division shooter was Joe Chase. Second place finisher Tim Gaze and third place finisher Tyler Duncan both recorded perfect scores of 25 on one of the courses. The youngest shooter at only 15 …Lane Chase was fourth highest shooter.
Hunter Class: In the Hunter Class first place was Sam Osborne. Second place finisher was also the top woman shooter Christa Mestas. Great improvement was noted from many Five Stand competitors with trap shooter Jack Kane leading the pack.
Great fun was had by all in spite of the nights of high winds and other nights with thunderstorms.
Five Stand Practice: Five Stand practice will resume after the state trap shoot. Details and notification will be sent after the day and times are confirmed.
Congratulations to all our shooters who braved dicey summer weather to compete in this challenging sport.


8/22/2020: Montana State Shoot update

Well, folks, the dates of the Montana State Shoot have finally arrived – August 26 – 30. We have received our letter of compliance from the Lewis and Clark County Health Departement, so we’re officially ready to go. You may have noticed that some of the big RVs have already started to arrive. So, open practice won’t take place on August 26 & 27, but will be moved to the next Monday, August 31st.

And, if you have a bit of time to volunteer, we’re still looking for some loaders and scorers in case our wonderful kids get burned out by the heat and need some replacements. If you have a few hours please call Jim Holodnick at 459 – 8137.

Take care. stay safe and stay well,
Connie, your secretary

7/19/2020 - Summer 5 Stand League

200 Target Summer 5 Stand League

DATES: 7/30 through 8/20/2020

DAYS:    Regular League nights are Thursdays only.   Practice Only: Wednesdays 7/29/2020 through 8/19/20

TIMES: League starts 4:30 pm on each Thursday.   There will be a published schedule of prearranged shooter times obtained by calling Pete Sesselman to reserve:  437-3626. Shooters can sign up for one slot of 5 available slots.   These time slots are:  4:30; 5:15; 6:00; 6:45; and 7:30 P.M.  as available shooting daylight wanes.  Thus, 25 slots are the maximum available for participants.  Participants recommended to arrive/on deck 15 minutes before their shoot time.    Shooters will shoot two menus of 25 targets each.   This will be done with a break of a few minutes in between the two rounds for shooters to empty shell bags and re-stock their shell bag for the next round.  After second round, shooter is done for evening. 5 stand practice is available on Wednesdays during the regular club hours of 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Practice rounds will remain at the standard 25 bird round.  Cost of a practice round was increased to $6.00 per round.    Practice Tickets can only be purchased at office from cashier and presented to 5 stand operator prior to practice.

SHOOTER CLASS:  There will be two classes of shooters in this individual participant league (no teams/squads). These include:
1) NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) Competitors
2) Hunter Class.
We will rely on participants to declare class when they register.

AWARDS: First Place prizes only for each class.  Awards presented at Fall fun/pot luck night in October.

COST:   The price for individual shooter is $50.00 for this league.

SHOOTER MAKE UP AND LEAGUE PARTICIPATION LIMITS: Consistent with HTC League Policy a shooter cannot shoot more than 2 rounds for league score per scheduled Thursday league night pending slot availability. On Wednesday evening August 19th:   League rounds missed can be made up that evening only. Per HTC League Policy:  League participants will be allowed to make up a maximum of 2 league rounds that evening.

PULLERS AND SCORERS Pete Sesselman and Buck MacLaurin

END OF LEAGUE  The last league night and 5 stand opportunity will be August 20th. August 21st 5 stand will be dismantled and moved to storage making way for the state trap tournament which begins the following week.

PLEASE CALL PETE RIGHT AWAY TO LET HIM KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR THIS LEAGUE. 437-3626 Thanks to Pete Sesselman and Buck MacLaurin for bringing this League to club members. Their hard work and volunteer hours are appreciated.

7/17/2020: Mid-July News and Notes

Mid-July News and Notes

Lee Nicholson has passed away. I hope you remember Lee with a smile on your face. He was the one who always volunteered to help coach a new shooter or offered to help with a shoot. Even when his health was failing, you’d have to convince Lee that we could get the task covered without his help. He served his country in Vietnam and gave more than his share of devotion to all of us. His services will be at the Anderson Stephenson funeral home on North Montana at 1 PM on Friday, July 17. Hope to see you there to remember Lee.

Earl Olson’s family has decided that donations in his memory will be used to purchase an AED Defibrillator. An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. It’s a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, medical device that can analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. If you haven’t made a donation in Earl’s name to the Trap Club, now is the time to do so.

We have quite a bit going on. We want to know your opinion about what club activities you are interested in a, Fall League with events including Singles, Doubles, Continental and Five Stand. Anna Cottrell has worked with Jim Holodnick to prepare the attached survey to ask your opinion on club activities. Please submit your response to the club by Monday, 7-20. We need your responses quickly regarding which evening you’d like to shoot because we’re looking to start a League August 5th.

The State Shoot is scheduled August 26-30. Due to our current health restrictions, we are looking to hire help for scoring and loading traps. Are you a member of an organization whose fundraising efforts have been curtailed this spring? We are looking to pay organizations $90/day for volunteers who are willing to give us one day (or more) labor to score and load. Do you need $90/day to provide the same services individually to the club? Training will be provided.Call Jim Holodnick if you or your organization are interested. 459-8137.

Your Trap Club Board hopes you are all doing well. We are working very hard to follow the Governor’s directives and are proud of the plan we have put in place to keep us all safe.

Hope to see you soon,
Connie Cole, Secretary

6/19/2020 - A Couple of Sad Notes

A couple of Sad Notes

Sad note #1
We are sorry to share the information than long-time club member Lee Nicholson has Stage 4 lung cancer. Lee’s wife informed us that he won’t be able to help with the Lightbody shoot because he was diagnosed with cancer last week. Lee has been a wonderful supporter of the club and has aways been at the front of the line to volunteer for club activities. I’m sure that Lee and Nancy would enjoy hearing from any club members to wish him the best.

Sad Note #2
Ed Tinsely has asked to warn club members that he experienced a theft of several of his rifles and shotguns from his home. Please keep your eyes open for the following:
The guns are:
1.) Beretta Silver Snipe 12 gauge O/U, serial #148932
2.) Browning BPS 12 gauge pump shotgun, serial # 03462px152
3.) Remington 700 30.06 bolt action w/Leopold VX2 3×9 scope, serial #E6722740

If you have any information, please contact Ed Tinsley’s cell at (406) 431-0490. Our hearts go out to Lee’s family and to Ed for their losses. Please keep each other safe and buy a gun safe if you don’t already have one!

Good luck to all of our shooters at the Lightbody Memorial/Great Gun Giveaway this weekend. If you can volunteer for a couple of hours it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the volunteers who help to make these events possible. Maybe the rain will finally stop for the weekend!

Stay safe, stay vigilant.
Connie Cole, Club Secretary

6/02/2020 - Upcoming registered shoots, etc

Hello fellow Helena Trap Club members, we hope you have been handling our sheltering in place requirements and are finding ways to create our new “normal” situations. If you have been to the club house you have noticed the extensive efforts we have put in place to help keep each other safe and to follow the Governor’s guidelines. Thanks to everyone who helped prepare our club’s Safety Plan and to put it in place.

Open Practice is continuing Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8. Thanks to those who have been helping to make this possible for our shooters.

The popular MSTA registered shoot, the LIGHTBODY MEMORIAL/GREAT GUN GIVEAWAY, will take place as scheduled, June 20-21, 2020. This shoot offers a New Shooter singles class for those who have never shot in a registered shoot. The Helena Trap Club will pay for their singles event AND the opportunity to draw for a gun. A 7th gun will be given out in a new shooter drawing using the last digit of all of the  new shooters singles scores each day. This allows for two opportunities to be drawn for the 7th gun. This is the club’s way to welcome new shooters to registered events.

Dates for the Montana State Shoot have been changed to August 26-30, 2020. This is a signature event for the Trap Club as we host shooters for this prestigious event. We will be following all guidance recommended for shooter and participant safety.

As always, your help is needed to successfully run YOUR trap club. Do you have a few hours you could spend helping with the June or August shoots? Do you have a young family member or friend who could sign up as a trap kid for registered shoots or the Fall League? Remember, as Red Green used to say, we’re all in this together!

Stay well, stay vigilant. Hope to see you soon,
Connie Cole, Club Secretary

5/13/2020 - Open Practice

Hello Trap Club members, hope you and your families are safe and well. Here is the latest news from your club. We are continuing to request members to renew their annual memberships to help us out financially in these topsy turvy times. You can purchase your membership at the club house or send it in the mail: P. O. Box 4158, Helena, MT 59604. Thanks for your consideration.

Open Practice

Open practice will continue next week from 5 to 8 PM on Wednesday and Thursday.

Five Stand

Five Stand will be offered on Thursdays from 5 to 8. You must purchase a ticket at the club house to shoot. We are offering Five Stand shooting cards and purchase of multiple tickets is permitted. If we have more volunteers offer to run Five Stand we can open additional evenings.

Great Gun Give Away (Lightbody Memorial Shoot)

The decision whether to host the Great Gun Give Away Father’s Day weekend will be decided June 1st by a phone vote of the Board of Directors. The decision will reflect the Governor’s guidelines for participant safety and an analysis of the club’s ability to host the registered shoot.

Wishing you the best,
Connie Cole, Secretary

5/06/2020 - Membership renewals and spring league

The Helena Trap Club will be open Wednesdays and Thursdays starting May 6th from 5 to approximately 8 PM. The Club is being opened for practice shooting on a “trial” basis dependent upon participants complying with the posted health rules and enough volunteers being available to open and operate the facility. The Club has designed measures in the club house to confirm with the Governor’s guidelines. Please take a minute when you arrive to familiarize yourself with our new operating procedures. We have experienced a shortage in providing hand sanitizers and would appreciate it if club members could bring their own.

Membership Renewals

It would be greatly appreciated if members could renew their annual memberships now to help with the club’s financial situation. Membership renewals will gladly be accepted during open shooting. Cash will be accepted, but credit cards preferred to limit exposure for cashiers.

State Shoot Planning Meeting

Please remember the State Shoot Planning Meeting at 5:30 PM on May 5th.

Spring League

The Board of Directors will be meeting May 12th to discuss whether to cancel Spring League or not. At this time, due to the Governor’s guidelines, it looks unlikely that we will be able to proceed, but we will keep you posted.

In Memoriam

We are sad to announce the death of long term club member Earl Olson. Earl passed away last week from cancer. His family was able to be with him during his final illness. Those of you who knew Earl will fondly remember what a great story-teller he was and what pleasure he took in having his family share his love of trap shooting. We send our deepest regards to his family. We will miss him greatly.

Stay safe,

3/20/2020 - Temporary Closure

Temporary Closure

Governor Steve Bullock has issued additional clarification of social distancing requirements in Montana – no group gatherings of more than 10 people until April 10th. In compliance with this requirement, the Helena Trap Club will be closed for all activities until April 10th. We will keep you current with any changes or modifications to closure requirements. Medical recommendations are that social distancing is needed at this time to help slow the spread of the virus. We hope that you and your loved ones will follow these prescriptions.
Best wishes and stay well.